ABDL Kingdom Party

Next edition: 11 June

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ABDL Kingdom is a party to remember! Enjoy yourself in a world of splendor where you can sing, dance, play games and meet others in a beautiful royal atmosphere.
We welcome everyone to our castle, from AB'ers to Caregivers and from DL'ers to Kinksters.

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There is plenty to do in the ABDL Kingdom. You enter the reception hall where you are warmly welcomed by Arvid de King and Emma the Hostess. You get your ticket scanned, hand in important items that must be well preserved and the fun can begin! Upstairs you can change into whatever you feel comfortable in. Please note, some rules apply here. Check the rules at the bottom of this page.

Once you've changed your clothes you can go back down to the main room. Here you will find a space to color in coloring books at a royal table and play games with others. There is also a play corner where you can let your imagination run wild, there are stuffed animals, cars and other toys to play with.


There is also a bar in the main hall where you can order your favorite drinks.
And if you don't feel like playing anymore, there is a beautiful sitting area with great sofas where you can sit and chat with nice people while enjoying a drink.
Nice music is played but not too loud. If you want to party in ABDL style, we highly recommend the Amsterdam Age Play Rave! Click here for more information.

The King loves crisps and cookies! If everyone listens and follows the court rules, the king is willing to share his wealth in roze/gevulde/chocolate cookies and bags of crisps with guests to ABDL Kingdom.

Should it happen that you have forgotten something? Diapers, a drinking bottle, your pacifier or do you want to expand your clothing wardrobe with great new items. No worries! Cuddle Kingdom has set up a physical shop in the main hall where you can buy beautiful diapers, bottles, pacifiers, onesies and t-shirts.

There's a lot more to experience at ABDL Kingdom, but that's up to you to discover!


Sunday 11 June 2023 16:00 - 20:00


Nieuwezijds Kolk 25


A ticket costs €17,50 and you can buy it here.
A ticket at the door costs €20
Both cash and pin are possible. Also at the Cuddle Kingdom store.


1. Always follow the rules!
2. King Arvid is always right.
3. Brown diapers are not allowed.
4. Unwanted behavior is absolutely forbidden! This includes:
4.1 Bullying Behavior
4.2 Harassment
4.3 Chasing women
4.4 Sexual Acts
4.5 Calling names
4.6 Discriminate
4.7 Walking around naked
4.7.1 In only plastic pants is also naked.
4.8 Any other inappropriate conduct
5. Drug use is not allowed.
5.1 This includes weed/marijuana
6. There is no rule 6.
7. Make your mess, clean it up.
8. Used diapers must be put in a garbage bag.
9. A phone is allowed, but no photos without permission
10. A cloak is worn only by the king.
11. Standing on chairs and benches is not allowed.
12. Slamming doors is not allowed
13. Treat each other with respect
14. Smoking is possible but not allowed inside the building.
14.1 It is mandatory to close the door to the designated smoking area immediately.
15. Instructions by the king and knights must always be followed.
16. Little ones should wipe their feet upon entry.
17. Wash your hands often.
18. Playing games is fun, but we're not going to throw it.
19. You must be 18 years or older to attend ABDL Kingdom
20. The use of weed/marijuana and any other smokable substance available in a coffee shop are not allowed to be smoked during the event.
2019. King Arvid can add new rules whenever and wherever he wants!

New rules:

We received complaints from visitors that the smokers did not close the door immediately behind them, giving the wind the opportunity to blow smoke and weedfumes into the room.
This is to the dismay of non-smokers.
As a result of this, we have decided to add rule 5.1, 14.1 and 20.

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ABDL Kingdom is hosted by Cuddle Kingdom in a great partnership with ABDL_Emma and the Akhnaton!