About us

Who are we?

That is a very good understandable question!
We are a small company that wants to try our own way to participate in the incredibly large clothing market. But in our own little way.

We've come up with clothing that is not usually known in everyday life today, we think our clothing is a way out of the ordinary and we want to express ourselfs out in very cute designs on our clothing, that way we want to give the owner of one of our shirts and accesoires to feel happy and cheerfull. Sometimes it is necessary to get the little feeling out ourselfs again, nothing wrong with that!

This webshop is still in the initial phase, and we are working hard to expand our services and offerings, so in the future we want to offer long-sleeved t-shirts, more different sizes, many more designs, unfortunately this is at this moment not possible, yet, but the dream of making this webshop big is really there, and we are going for it!

Who is the owner then?

Well, me, the owner of this small company, is a 25-year-old young man from The Netherlands.
I want to express myself through this cute and comfy clothing in a nice and spontaneous guy, who is open to fun conversations, friendly contacts and ready to help other people!

I'm really looking forward to it!

Why this clothing actually?

Yet, another very good question

We see it around us more and more often, people who get overloaded by work, become completely stressed and can no longer stand it.
Adults should let the child come out more often within themselves, and my clothing fits quite perfectly, right?
Clothing is such a big part of our lives nowadays that it even influences how we feel about ourselves.
Let's face it, what is more fun, the same tight, neat suit every day at the office, or a shirt with nice bright colors with beautifull designs on it that give you a free and easy feeling, i know what i'd prefer!

My philosophy about customer contact is very serious and important to me, so if you have comments, questions, complaints or compliments? Please leave a review or a message, i will do everything in my power to make it as fun and pleasant as possible for you!