Want to become an Affiliate?

It is now possible to become an affiliate partner for us. But how does that work exactly? It's very easy. You post a special link to our webshop via your channels, if people place an order via that link in our webshop, you will receive a percentage of the order amount. That amount is recorded and collected by our affiliate program. We keep the amount until the sale is completed. Customers are able to return the product, so you do not get the amount immediately. We use a payment threshold of € 25. This means that you can request a payout if the amount exceeds € 25. Our current commission is: 4% We recommend that you read our affiliate conditions carefully.
What steps do I have to take to become an Affiliate partner?

Step 1.
Click on ''Affiliates'' (https://cuddleclothes.nl/nl/affiliate/login) under the heading ''Extra'' (at the bottom of every page). Here you see our current commission percentage.
You need to create a new separate affiliate account. This is completely separate from your customer account.

Click on the ''Continue'' button.

Step 2.
Here you must enter your details and the way you want to receive payouts.

Step 3.
Once you have entered your information, you can save it. We need to approve your request. You will receive a message about this automatically.
How do I create my code?

This is quite simple. By default you already have a certain code, on request, we can change this code for you in a name that you'd like.
If you direct traffic to our site, this is the default link: www.cuddleclothes.nl/?tracking=1234567890, 1234567890 in this case, is your special code.

You can create a link yourself for a specific product. You do this as such:

Go to Affiliates> Log in to your Affiliate account> Click on ''Custom Affiliate Tracking Code'' > Enter at ''Tracking Link Generator'' the name of the product to which you want to lead traffic and click on the specific product that shows up in a drop down bar > Copy the link that appears in the tab ''Tracking Link''.

We recommend that you read our affiliate conditions carefully.